Chell Bee is an opinionated woman with a dream and plan. She grew up in the inner city of Compton, California with her two sister and mother. From a young age she has written her story from poetry, songs, to short story telling.

Writing has allowed her to overcome her personal struggles and now she wants to share that passion with you. She hope to help others learn from her journey and obstacles. Although her journey has been imperfect she believe all journeys deserve to be shared and yours is no different. 

Chell Bee goal is to be the little voice in the back of your head, telling you, You Can Do It. She wants to encourage you and tell you how amazing you are and that she believe in you. She didn’t always have that and now that she does, she understands that hearing those words of encouragement are important. Just know she is always cheering for you from the sideline as you reach for the stars and live your dreams. But she will also tell you the truth no matter the circumstances.


P.S. Let’s stay connected! We would love to hear about your journey.